MINISO Collaborated with KIDP (Korea Institute of Design Promotion)

    On July 21, the KDM Project held by KIDP and cooperated with MINISO was launched officially, aiming to select outstanding student designers to develop creative theme products. This was the second time of MINISO’s “College-Enterprise Cooperation” project after the cooperation between MINISO and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. The enterprise sent design representative to participate in the first topic discussion of product development.



Representatives of MINISO were invited to travel to South Korea to attend the theme creative development courses held by KDM Project.

KIDP is directly affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Resources of the Republic of Korea. It has played an important role in promoting the development of the creative design industry, and has great influence in the design industry in South Korea and the whole Asia. The KDM project is run by KIDP and is held twice a year. KDM aims to build up a platform for MINISO and local student designers for mutual communication, development and promotion. It selected many excellent students to develop creative theme products, and its courses cover the whole procedure from ID design to moulding and product commercialization. MINISO can participate in courses selection, choose satisfactory works and finally incubate excellent student works by setting themes directly.


This project is important to MINISO: on one hand, it helps promote MINISO’s brand value, on the other hand, it improves the sense of identity and honorary degrees of MINISO in the local market. Besides that, MINISO is able to get closer with Korean design resources after the products have been launched in local market. Good-looking products must come from good design. MINISO has brought in many outstanding designers from the world since 2016. To strengthen the cooperation between enterprise and colleges is one of the most significant moves to introduce excellent design resources, which has made great achievements so far. Before the KDM project, MINISO had cooperated with Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Among those fine works incubated at last, the wave notebook, wave pencil box, storage box and CirXquare won the international design awards such as the German iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award.


What will happen in the "Korean version” of MINISO college-enterprise cooperation project? This year is the decennial of the KDM Project, which has a great impact in Korea. The Korean design circle has high expectations for the products incubated by MINISO and the KDM Project.