MINISO Won the Licensor Award in The Second China Licensing Awards

On July 25, 2018, the second China Licensing Awards award ceremony jointly held by LEC (Licensing Expo China) and LIMA (Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association) was held in Shanghai.


The core jury of China Licensing Awards was constituted by authoritative expert judges from licensing fields and licensing industry professionals, upholding the principles of fairness, justice and public vote, aiming to encourage China to innovate, develop and explore authorized licensees, authorized dealers, authorized agents, authorized retailers and other enterprises and teams, promoting the communication and development of the licensing industry in China.


Many famous brands such as MINISO, Coca Cola, Watsons and Innisfree were called in the award, among which MINISO won the “Licensor Award” by the Pink Panther series.


MINISO Pink Panther Project won the Licensor Award of the year

The youth group represented by the post-1995 generation not only made the “ACG” culture become popular, but also promoted the development of animation derivative products, and products containing animation elements became more and more popular. MINISO has always been customer-oriented and attached great importance to consumers’ feedback and experience to meet consumers' needs. Therefore, in the past two years, MINISO has cooperated with famous “IPs” and successively developed a large number of popular derivative products.



MINISO cooperated with MGM and achieved the copyright of famous “IP” Pink Panther


MINISO developed a series of Pink Panther products, such as dolls, stationery, electronic devices and bag.

Since late 2016, in order to keep up with the consumption demands of young consumers, MINISO has launched a series of hot ACG derivative products successively, and "scooped" big “IPs” one after another.


In 2016, MINISO successfully obtained the legitimate license from Sanrio and San-X company of Japan, and launched the derivative products of Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma, creating numerous popular star products.


In early 2017, MINISO continued to cooperate with popular “IP” We Bare Bears, launching the derivative products successfully. There are dolls, mobile phone case, etc., satisfying demands of each age group. Both fans of ACG and ordinary consumers can find their favorite products in MINISO.


Daniel Chong, author of We Bare Bears was checking the cartoon characters of the animation in the MINISO store.

MINISO keeps on developing on big “IPs” this year, creating popular products one after another, and the Pink Panther series has always being discussed on the Internet.


The derivatives market is a fierce competition, and it will not only stay in the stage of product development, but more brands like MINISO will emerge in the future. They will grasp the opportunity of developing big “IP” and devote themselves to the ACG market, so as to open up a broader road for Chinese retail industry.