MINISO increases presence in Italy with growing popularity

As 2021 draws to a close, lifestyle retailer MINISO is proud to declare a year of success in Italy. Since entering the Italian market in April, MINISO has opened 10 stores across the country including the latest flagship store at the Vulcano Buono Centre, Nola, in October. To top it off, 4 additional outlets are currently in the pipeline for 2021, as well as stores in the fashion capital Milan next year.   

Vulcano Buono.jpg

The grand opening of MINISO flagship store at the Vulcano Buono Centre

MINISO credits its strong localization strategy for its Italian success. To date, the brand has collaborated with over 20 local influencers in marketing efforts such as store visits, shopping experience testimonials, and products reviews. In Rome, for instance, a retro minibus, reminiscent of the 1970s, was used to promote the brand through a tour of key attractions in the city with local influencers onboard giving away gifts and taking photos with customers. Creative and fun ideas such as these have helped MINISO connect with younger consumers locally, resulting in a 3-fold turnover in sales across MINISO’s Italian retail outlets.

Vulcano Buono1.jpg

MINISO party bus with local influencers in Rome

“When MINISO arrived in Italy, we noticed that the extended movement restrictions triggered by COVID-19 had made people even more eager to get together with friends,” said Edward Zhu, Director of MINISO Europe market. “So clearly, people are fun-loving and social – that’s who we are too. The party bus and local influencers demonstrated MINISO’s identity: a brand that supports individual expression, experiences, and fun.”

Localization lies at the heart of MINISO’s overseas global marketing and growth strategy, along with providing high-quality products with affordable prices and aesthetically pleasing designs. As of November 30, MINISO has a network of 169 stores in Europe and is currently present in 21 European markets.

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Lifestyle product retailer MINISO (NYSE: MNSO) offers high quality household goods, cosmetics, food, and toys at affordable prices. Since its 2013 debut, as of September 30, 2021, MINISO has rapidly expanded to 4,871 retail stores in 99 markets worldwide. Sleekly designed and packed with the latest must-haves, MINISO retail outlets make it possible for everyone to have a little fun all the time by enjoying life’s little surprises.