MINISO Launches Sanrio Blind Box Collection, Creating Buzz at US Stores

MINISO (NYSE: MNSO; HKEX: 9896) has launched an exclusive collection of blind box offerings of Sanrio characters at its US stores. The lifestyle retailer, which now has over stores in over 60 locations in the US including in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago, launched the collection in October, and it has already created a buzz amongst customers.

Footfall at MINISO’s store at the Irvine Spectrum Center in the Los Angeles metropolitan area has surged since the launch of new exclusive blind box offerings and exciting in-store appearances from Sanrio characters. 


The Sanrio Collection series is currently the most popular product in MINISO USA’s blind box category. Other highly coveted products include the Disney Villains Collection, which sold out quickly since they first went on sale at MINISO USA stores. The Winnie-the-Pooh collections have become instant market hits since they were launched, leading to massive online exposure on social media. 


The charm of blind boxes goes beyond their collectability. What's inside remains a mystery until the box is opened. The surprise and enjoyment of the unboxing experience are what makes them so unique. Blind boxes typically contain figures of anime cartoons or dolls created by individual designers. Some series with characteristics of specific themes will increase people's interest in collecting the entire set of the series.

With the blind boxes having taken the global toy scene by storm for their unique designs, MINISO is riding on the momentum of the emerging market with a focus on building its business around its own exclusive blind box offerings, whose sales in the US have skyrocketed by 15-fold in 2022.

“We are overjoyed to see the success of our new blind box offerings in the US. As more American Millennials and Gen Zers are finding their passion for designer toys, we have also witnessed an increased interest in blind boxes,” said Bella Tu, General Manager of MINISO Overseas Operations. “We are excited about the opportunity brought by this global blind box craze and looking forward to partnering with creators and artists worldwide to deliver more exclusive products to our global customers.”

In response to customers' enthusiasm, in addition to the products, MINISO has also stepped further to create a refreshing, fun-filled, and immersive shopping environment for all customers in the stores. The new Mini Family-themed décor upgrade at MINISO's Irvine Spectrum Center store, which will be implemented soon in other American outlets, is intended to attract more Gen Zers and add more fun to their shopping experiences.

Committed to creating a more engaging in-store experience, MINISO is set to bring festive joy for customers across the nation ahead of the upcoming Christmas holiday, with new stores expected to open in Florida, and Texas in November.

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