Brand Profile
The MINISO Brand founder Jack Ye gained inspiration for MINISO while on vacation with his family in Japan in 2013. He came across several specialty stores in Japan which stocked good quality, well designed, and inexpensive products that were mostly manufactured in China. With his knowledge and experience in product development, supply chain, and the fashion industry, Jack established MINISO with its headquarters in Guangzhou, China, a brand catering to young people around the world.
Ye Guofu
As the founder and CEO of MINISO, Ye Guofu accumulated immense mastery in trendy fashion during the period of Chinese economic transformation and seized the opportunity to improve the social quality consumption patterns, bringing a brand new business model in China, which almost monopolized China’s offline flow of customers.
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January                     Miniso opened its first stores in Libya and Andorra.

March 12                  MINISO opened New York flagship store in SoHo, Manhattan.  

March 22                  MINISO celebrated the end of its MINI bus world tour and #love2gether campaign by lighting up in Dubai, the world's largest and tallest observation wheel.  

April                         MINISO opened its first store in Qatar.  

June                         Miniso opened first Malaysia flagship store.  

July 1                       MINISO opened first UK flagship store in London.  

July 13                     MINISO officially listed at HKEX (HKEX: 9896).  

August                     MINISO celebrated its fifth anniversary of entering Indian Market.  

October 1                 MINISO Opened its 2000th overseas store in Lyon, France.  

October 1                 MINISO unveiled a new “$2 Plus” concept in Canada.  

December                 MINISO started its #Lifeisforfun! world tour with MINI Family, traveling from Thailand, Italy, to Mexico, MINISO spreads holiday cheer and kindness during this holiday season.  

April                       MINISO opened three stores in Italy.

December 12         MINISO Penpen announces cooperation with ECOAN charity organization to raise funds for planting trees around the Andes.  

December 18         MINISO opened the 5000th store worldwide in Houston TX.

January 25
MINISO donated 3 million yuan of masks and other protective materials to Wuhan.
FLEXO lamp of  Miniso contracted Spanish design studio won the German Red Dot Design award for 2020.
MINISO co-branded with Tencent's popular mobile game 'Honor of Kings' to develop hundreds of fashionable products.
July 29
MINISO opened its first store in the European country Malta.
September 17
MINISO signed the cooperation agreement with representatives of Italian partners.
October 14
MINISO signed the cooperation agreement with representatives of Icelandic partners.
October 15
MINISO officially listed at NYSE.
October 20

The first store of MINISO opened in Paris.

October 27

MINISO founder Ye Guofu personally invested in the establishment of "MINISO Quality Assurance Fund of RMB 100 Million"and the "1+1+1 quality control mechanism" was established.

January 9
MINISO established a comprehensive  partnership with El Salvador.
March 6
MINISO's Original Design Team MOD Appeared at the Design Shanghai Exhibition.
March 13
MINISO Cooperates with Marvel Studios, Releasing 2000 Superheroes Peripheral Products.
March 13
MINISO signed cooperation agreements with companies from four countries, developing in 86 countries and regions.
Three MINISO Products Won the 2019 German iF Design Award.

MINISO Has Been Officially Licensed By Kakao Friends To Develop Joint Products.

April 24
MINISO x PDC Design Forum Was Grandly Held.
April 23-27
MINISO x Marvel products were displayed for the first time in the 125th China Import and Export Fair.
Three MINISO products won the 2019 Italian A' Design Award.
MINISO cooperated with IBM to upgrade comprehensively.
MINISO Stores to Hit 180 in Mexico by Year End.
June 12
MINISO Global Agents Summit Forum was held in Mexico. MINISO reached cooperation with at the forum and develops in five countries in South America.
July 3
MINISO cooperated with Forbidden City Culture to hold the new product release conference.
July 12

MINISO x Marvel IP store was opened in Shenzhen.

August 13
MINISO reached comprehensive cooperation agreement with French and British Companies.
Semtember 7
MINISO Makes Its First Appearance at 2020 New York Fashion Week With Its Go Girl Series Products.
Semtember 24-25
MINISO Appeared at India Retail Forum and Won India Most Admired Speciality Retailer of the Year.
October 16
MINISO Attended 2019 China Licensing Expo with Licensing Products Collaborating with Hot IP.
October 18-20
MINISO Marvel Series Highlights the Shanghai Fashion Weekend
January 10
MINISO reached comprehensive cooperation agreement with Poland.
January 15
MINISO reached cooperation with SAP and IBM.
January 30
MINISO reached comprehensive cooperation agreement with Greece.
January 30
MINISO reached comprehensive cooperation agreement with Colombia.
Four MINISO Products Won the 2018 iF Design Award.
February 9
MINISO Attended the Ambiente Frankfurt Once Again.
Four High-quality and Good-looking Products of MINISO Gained The Red Dot Design Award.
March 28th - March 30th
MINISO Appeared in the “Shop & Store Vietnam 2018” Exhibition.
April 13 - 14
MINISO Held Investment Conference in India.
April 17
MINISO Held Investment Conference in Brazil.
May 31
MINISO reached comprehensive cooperation agreement with Bulgaria.
MINISO has opened over 1,000 stores.
August 17

MINISO Reached Cooperation Agreements with Ecological Suppliers, Advocating “Elaborate Manufacture”.

The first Romania MINISO store set up in Veranada Mall in September 2018, and it opened the second store in Iris Mall in the same month.
October 23
2018 Autumn Canton Fair Held Successfully, MINISO Appeared with New Image.
MINISO Collaborates with PANTONE to Create Hot-sale Products.
November 21
The 2019 MINISO Global New Products Ordering Fair was successfully held in the Intercontinental Guangzhou Exhibition Center.
November 26
MINISO reached comprehensive cooperation agreement with Macedonia.

February 10 - 14

MINISO attended the Ambiente 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany with new products.
February 24
MINISO opened three stores in Indonesia, reaching 550 million Indonesian rupiah sales volume.
February 24
MINISO opened seven stores in five countries, including Indonesia, Nepal, Dubai, Singapore and the Philippines.
February 28
MINISO reached comprehensive cooperation agreement with Turkey.
March 17
MINISO reached comprehensive cooperation agreement with Madagascar.
March 28
MINISO held “Change the World - 2017 Thailand Seminar for MINISO Sole Agents” in Bangkok, Thailand.
March 30
MINISO held the “CO - WIN Ways of Win-Win Commercial Real Estate Enterprises and Future New Retail Business - 2017 MINISO Communication Meeting for Global Partners” in Jakarta, Indonesia.
April 7
MINISO reached comprehensive cooperation agreement with Mauritius.
May 16
MINISO reached cooperation agreements with Kenya, Sri Lanka and Panama.
May 20
MINISO held the "Change the Wolrd" -- MINISO Exchange Meeting for Branding in Indonesia. On the same day, the MINISO Indonesia flagship store was opened.
June 1
MINISO joined the “YiTong Book House” charity project, having fun with students on the Chinese Children’s Day.
June 30 – July 1
MINISO “Belt and Road" Global Summit Forum was successfully held in Guangzhou.
July 26
The MINISO 2017 Jeremy Lin Charity Game was held with complete success.
July 27
MINISO reached comprehensive cooperation agreement with Ireland.
August 1
MINISO reached comprehensive cooperation agreement with New Zealand.
August 7
MINISO collaborated with Intercos, the most powerful cosmetic company to hold a Makeup Tasting Meeting in Guangzhou to launch the MINI PONI makeup series.
August 11
MINISO reached comprehensive cooperation agreement with Uzbekistan
August 30
MINISO successfully held the “Change the World” Promotion Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
September 7
MINISO “Change the World” Promotion Conference was successfully held in the Galleria Conference Center in Johannesburg, South Africa.
October 19
MINISO successfully reached cooperation agreement with a renowned retail company of Armenia, taking a step forward to its global expansion.
October 28
MINISO held a promotion conference in GEM Center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
November 21
MINISO reached comprehensive cooperation with Kyrghyzstan.
November 29
MINISO held brand promotion conference in Mexico.
December 10
MINISO held the 'Change the World' brand promotion conference in India.

January 21
MINISO won the “2015 Charity Collective Award” in the 5th China Charity Festival.
February 29
MINISO established a comprehensive partnership with Nepal.
March 16
In association with Givaudan, MINISO organized the global release conference for the “Blooming Bouquet Series Perfume”.
March 16
MINISO was invited to participate in CHIC Spring.
March 25
MINISO established a comprehensive partnership with Australia.
April 1
MINISO’s corporate WeChat account was listed as one of the Top 500 WeChat public accounts in China.
April 8
MINISO was awarded “the Most Competitive Chain Business in China’s Retailing Sector in 2016”.
April 13
MINISO participated in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.
April 15
MNIISO participated in the 119th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair).
May 4
MINISO established a comprehensive partnership with Mexico.
May 6
Two MINISO flagship stores were opened in Malaysia at the same time.
May 10
MINISO’s global founder attended the China (Guangdong) and Canada (British Columbia) Economy and Trade Exchange Fair and signed a cooperative agreement which was worth RMB 1 billion.
May 11
MINISO established a comprehensive partnership with Turkey.
Miyake Junya, MINISO’s chief designer, led a Nordic design team to start a global store tour.  
June 12
MINISO established a comprehensive partnership with Mongolia.
June 17
The Philippines’ first MINISO flagship store was opened at Robinson Square in Manila.
June 22
MINISO launched a release conference in Hotel W in Guangzhou for the global release of “Porcelain Skin Cosmetics”. Teacher Perry, a soul figure of the stylist community, appeared in person to give some makeup tips.
July 9
MINISO was awarded the “Outstanding Chinese Franchise Brand in 2015”.
July 24
MNIISO held the “Hello World Saiman Fund Global Investment Fair” in Malaysia. 
August 3
MINISO established a comprehensive partnership with the United States of America.
August 7
MINISO’s Laos flagship store opened for business. Wang Kang (transliteration), Laos’ finance minister, shopped in MINISO with his wife. Five major national banks in Laos set up ATMs right near the MINISO store for customers' needs.
August 19
MINISO’s first Mongolia flagship store opened. Miss Universe Munkhdalai Uyanga came and gave her sincere support.
August 22
The releasing ceremony of MINISO's new product "D-83B Bluetooth Speaker with Stereo Sound and Duplex Sound Track”and the opening ceremony of MINISO’s first South Korea flagship store were held in the Sheraton Hotel (Seoul).South Korean star Weon Ki-Jun hosted the event, and super popular idol band SISTAR known as "Beyonce of South Korea", capability style star Park Sung-woong along with South Korean representatives showed up to witness the very moment.
August 30
MINISO's first Thailand store opened. Thailand's best actress Rodmay was present to give her support.
October 1
MINISO opened the first flagship store in the Buddist Shrine Nepal.
October 28
MINISO settled in Australia, opening in Bondi Junction and Westfield Hurstville at the same time.
November 3
MINISO was awarded the “2016 CCFA Retail Innovation Award” by China Chain Store & Franchise Association.
November 16
MINISO was present at the 20th Cosmoprof Asia Pacific.
December 11
MINISO held a three-day investment conference named “Hello! World MINISO -- Saiman Fund International Conference on Global Investment” in Singapore, which is highly acclaimed by its global partners.
December 15
MINISO was awarded the “2016 Innovation on Chinese Enterprise Marketing”.
December 16
Two MINISO flagship stores were opened in Mexico. MINISO began its expansion across Latin America.

Designer Team

The nature of human beings is endowed with magical powers, and we enjoy all that nature has given us. Once we learn from the nature and create from it, we may feel the joy of life!

Miyake Junya
Miyake Junya
Brand Culture

With the unprecedented prosperity of world economy, luxury brands from Europe are blindly pursued by customers. However, counterfeit goods spread all over the market. This results in people’s two extreme consumption patterns.

As a reflection and criticism of this situation, MINISO was born!