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Established in Tokyo, MINISO, the Japanese fast fashion designer brand, was jointly founded by Miyake Junya, the chief designer of MINISO, and Ye Guofu, the Chinese young entrepreneur. MINISO advocates fashionable and relaxed lifestyle and directs a superior products consumption pattern. 

MINISO pursues a life philosophy of “simple, natural and quality” and a brand proposition of "coming back to nature, and reverting to the essence of products". It launches new products every seven days and the low-price but high quality products are popular among customers. MINISO positions itself as the fast fashion chain stores, whose core values gain popularity among consumers and lead the market to a new trend of “superior products consumption”. MINISO Co., Ltd. has been operated since 2013. It established in China in September of the same year, expanding across China since then. 

MINISO has been expanding globally since its establishment in 2013. It opened more than 1,000 stores around the world within 3 years, whose sales revenue reached RMB 5 billion in 2015 and approached RMB 10 billion in 2016. MINISO is regarded as a fierce competitor by some well-known enterprises such as UNIQLO, MUJI and Watsons. It is also deemed as “the biggest enemy” by the Chinese Apple distributor. Currently, MINISO has signed strategic cooperation agreements with more than 40 countries and regions, including the U.S., Canada, Russia, Singapore, Dubai, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong (China), and Macao (China). On average, it opens 80 to 100 stores monthly.

MINISO has been advocating the philosophy of quality life and respecting the needs of customers. It dedicates itself to providing customers with quality, creative and low-price products. Those simple, natural and fashionable commodities are popular among people aged between 18 and 35. 

Meanwhile, MINISO also creates a new business style, which combines fashion and leisure together, becoming the main force in the department stores and shopping centers with catering, fast fashion clothing and entertainment industries. When realizing its advocacy of “fast fashion” towards quality life, MINISO also focuses on building brand new recreational shopping atmosphere, so that customers can experience happiness, fashion and sound lifestyle in MINISO.

MINISO always optimizes its product structure and pays close attention to product management. It persists in selecting fine materials from all over the world. Over 80% of our design is originated from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, China and other countries. While insisting on selling high quality and creative products, MINISO also attaches great importance to customers' shopping experience and provides thoughtful service to them. Most MINISO stores locate in the large shopping centers in downtown areas, with a purpose of building a brand which stays close to people’s lives and possesses high fashion. MINISO endeavors to deliver excellent shopping experience to customers all the time.