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With Globalization Develops Irresistibly, MINISO Held Investment Conference in India


On April 13 and 14, 2018, MINISO held an investment conference in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Gurgaon, India. Over one hundred people attended the conference and 102 agreements had been reached.



(Illustration: MINISO held an investment conference in India with over one hundred investors attending.)


Over the past few years, people were talking about “retail industry is going downhill”. However, MINISO develops under such circumstances. It spent few years opening over 3,000 stores around the world and this number is still increasing.


How can MINISO stand out and be favored by consumers from all those famous brands? The answer is innovative development model and excellent market performances. MINISO has broken the operation mode of traditional retail industry. It sticks to designing and developing products according to the preferences and demand of consumers. By integrating supply chains and sales channels, MINISO strictly controls the quality and prices of products, dominating the market with the characteristics of “high quality and low price”, forming a specific development model of its own. So far, MINISO has reached strategic cooperation agreements with more than 70 countries and regions, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong (China).


The representative of Indian investors expressed in the conference that he was deeply impressed by MINISO’s rapid development in the Chinese market and international market. In recent years, with the ever closer relations between India and China, mutual trade is developing greatly. In fact, the comprehensive strength of China's manufacturing industry is matchless. Its innovation level and adaptive capacity are in the lead. MINISO combines both the advanced design concept of Japan and the high quality of Chinese manufacture technology. They are proud to cooperate with MINISO and hope that they can make fruitful achievements in the future.






(Illustration: MINISO’s global co-founder and chief designer Mr. Miyake Junya was signing agreements with investors during the conference.)



MINISO is a brand dares to break the routine and develops outside the box of traditional retail industry. The mission of MINISO is customer oriented, namely “relieving the younger generation’s shopping stress and making more consumers happy”. As a result, it has always insisted on producing “high-quality, creative and low-price” products to improve consumers’ quality of life.


One of the representatives of Indonesian partners expressed in the conference that “the cooperation with MINISO is not only a good choice for resources sharing, mutual complementarities of advantages and association between strong enterprises, but it is also a strategic decision of long-term cooperation, which is of great importance to promote the development of local retail industry in India”.