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MINISO Reached Strategic Cooperation with SAP and IBM to Realize Comprehensive Intellectualization


 Introduction: On January 15, 2018, MINISO has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SAP, the world's leading enterprise application software solutions provider, and IBM, the world's largest information technology and business solutions company in Guangzhou. The combination of new business models and new technology will help MINISO realize timely communication, effective acquisition and analysis of data, and efficient remote management, thus greatly improving MINISO's daily operation and management efficiency and speeding up the pace of MINISO overseas expansion.



MINISO reached strategic cooperation agreement with SAP


According to the statistics of CNCIC, in December 2017, retail sales of the 50 major retail companies in China fell 0.7 percent over the previous year, which is the lowest monthly growth rate in the whole year, and 5.7 percentage lower than a year ago. While the retail sales of 50 major retail enterprises in China increased by 3.3 percent year on year, raised by 3.8 percent over the previous year.


Compared with the declining growth rate of the industry, MINISO achieved a total of 12 billion retail sales in 2017, increasing by 20% year on year. And it also reached strategic cooperation agreements with more than 60 countries and regions, opening 2,600 stores throughout the world, among which 700 stores were set up overseas. The “retail dark horse” keeps its development momentum in 2017.


Under the rapid expansion of overseas markets, MINISO is aware of the potential problems - in contrast to the relatively simple environment in China, the overseas market has formed a complex market environment in terms of regions, languages, cultures, policies, laws and regulations. In terms of management, the global information process standardization, management system automation and intelligence need to be realized, and a unified template is used to support the rapid replication of overseas stores. At the same time, when enterprises develop to certain levels, they will face a series of problems such as cross-departmental collaboration, process establishment and sorting, information collection and processing, and remote management. MINISO needs to realize the comprehensive and effective promotion of management efficiency before the global scale of the brand is further developed, so as to realize office automation and digitization. In addition, under the global intelligence tendency, MINISO also needs to think about how to use science and technology effectively. In the trend of consumption upgrade, it is better to realize consumer insight and enhance consumers’ loyalty. And these are undoubtedly inseparable from the use of new technologies such as AR, VR and face recognition system.



MINISO reached strategic cooperation agreement with IBM


On January 15, MINISO held a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony with SAP and IBM. As the world's leading provider of enterprise application solutions, SAP has rich experience in helping enterprises of different scales to achieve excellent operation. While as the world's largest information technology and business solutions company, IBM has the ability to provide services including software, hardware, artificial intelligence, mobile security and other projects.



Mr. Ye Guofu, the global co-founder and CEO of MINISO was giving a speech on the stage.




Mr. Li Qiang, the senior vice President of SAP international and general manager of SAP China was giving a speech in the ceremony.



The growth of MINISO is based on the integration of various resources, from the integration of global designer resources to the integration of supply chain resources and terminal channel resources. Resource integration has helped MINISO achieve leap-forward growth and create a miracle of business model. MINISO is carrying out all-round cooperation with SAP and IBM. With the aid of software and hardware of the cutting-edge technology, MINISO will improve operation efficiency and innovate enterprise’s management, so as to satisfy the higher requirements of the rapid development of the enterprise and operation management system to the overseas markets.