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MINISO Promotion Conference Was Successfully Held in Mexico; Famous Economists Were Invited to Attend


On November 29, 2017, the “Change the World” Promotion Conference was held in Mexico. Guests from Liverpool Group, Gicsa Group, Carso Group and Fibra Uno, MINISO’s strategic partner were invited to the conference. Macario Schettino, the economist, was also invited and gave a speech with the theme of the new retail trend from MINISO, which won great acclaim from the audience. Mr. Miyake Junya, the global co-founder and chief designer of MINISO and Mr. Vincent, vice-president of MINISO were present at the conference.

Located in North America, Mexico is the 11th most populous country in the world. As a member of the North American Free Trade Agreement and one of the most open economies in the world, Mexico has always been a free market economy. The world economy is in urgent need of transformation and the development of MINISO in Mexico will usher in a new opportunity and trend for the Mexican retail industry.

Since MINISO was established in 2013, it has been actively developing in the international market. So far, MINISO has reached strategic cooperation agreements with nearly 60 countries and opened more than 2,000 stores all over the world, including the U.S., Russia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Australia and Egypt.


(Illustration: MINISO “Change the World” Promotion Conference was successfully held in Mexico.)


The rise of super shopping malls and the rapid development of the mobile Internet bring unlimited opportunities and vitality to the Mexican market, for which MINISO has reached cooperation with 50 shopping malls of the FUNO Group, with nearly 20,000 square meters of store area. MINISO firmly believes that as a young and vibrant brand, it can quickly obtain recognition of local consumers in Mexico, and inject new vitality to the Mexican market.

After the conference, MINISO invited famous singer Mijares to give a small concert. The success of the conference laid a solid foundation for Mexico's rapid development over the next two years.


(Illustration: famous singer Mijares was present and supported the promotion conference.)


MINISO advocates the philosophy of “respecting consumers” and dedicates itself to providing customers with products of “high quality, competitive price and creativity”. Its products with excellent design, affordable prices and its comfortable shopping environment have achieved recognition by global consumers. Under economic globalization, enterprises may not be able to develop well if they do not think globally. Exploring opportunities elsewhere can make enterprises stronger. MINISO is expected to open 10,000 stores in 100 countries by 2019, with global revenue of RMB 100 billion. and this plan is just around the corner.