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MINISO Collaborated with Top Cosmetics Manufacturer to Launch MINI PONI Makeup Series



Nowadays, female consumers in China have increasingly pursued quality makeup. In order to provide more fashionable and more professional cosmetic products to them, MINISO collaborated with Intercos, the most powerful cosmetic company to create the MINI PONI series. On August 5, MINISO hosted a Makeup Tasting Meeting in Guangzhou to launch the MINI POINI makeup series. This is the first time that MINISO hosted a product tasting meeting communicating directly to consumers since its establishment.



MINISO hosted a Makeup Tasting in Guangzhou.


Mr. Miyake Junya, the global co-founder and chief designer of MINISO addressed the meeting, indicating that currently, makeup in the Chinese market is generally expensive, thus many young people, especially those who just graduate from schools cannot afford to pay. While the quality of cheap makeup is not able to be guaranteed. The makeup series is one of the most popular categories in MINISO. MINISO insists on cooperating with best suppliers and devotes itself in developing makeup products. By their strong cooperation, MINISO aims to relieve people’s shopping stress, so that consumers can purchase best products with the least money.


MINISO’s global co-founder and chief designer Mr. Miyake Junya was giving a speech at the meeting.


Mr. Miyake Junya said that, consumers in China believe in “the price tells the quality”. While in Japan, people can buy quality products with low costs. MINISO hopes to change the inherent concept of the Chinese consumers by launching more and more high-quality but low-price products.


Ms Ada Dou, the vice-president of MINISO Commodity Center also indicated that, MINISO has launched the Fancy Light Lipstick series and Sweet KISS Moist Lipstick Series not long before for city women. Excellent makeup effect and affordable prices make the series become popular soon after they were launched to the market.


MINISO launched the Sweet KISS Moist Lipstick Series in July this year.


MINISO Fancy Light Lipstick series


The MINI PONI series targets at the generation after 90s, who are curious about new things. Unlike other makeup series, the MINI PONI Series which uses the latest production technology, breaks through the limitations of traditional products and makes a bold innovation on this basis, and has developed the most competitive products in the global cosmetics market.


Vice-president of MINISO Commodity Center Ada Dou was introducing the MINI PONI Series.


The MINI PONI makeup series was jointly researched and developed by MINISO and Intercos, the giant of cosmetic industry. Intercos is the top cosmetic supplier in the world. It provides the R&D and production services for 86% of the top 30 cosmetics brands in the world, including Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder, YSL, Lancome, Tomford and Armani. Intercos is also a nominated supplier and a strategic partner of many world-renowned brands.



Intercos is a nominated supplier and a strategic partner of many world-renowned brands.


With the theme of “dream makeup for showing a different you”, the MINI PONI series has been divided into 3 categories (foundation, lips and eyes) with 37 kinds of products in total. In addition to following the current trend of color, this series is focus on promoting consumers’ experience by improving technological and functional levels, such as enhancing the effect of concealer, increasing the moist level and making it more soft and delicate.


The MINI PONI series


As for the foundation, the main product of MINI PONI series is the "perfect drop blurring foundation". A single drop of that can be perfectly cover blemishes. Eye makeup is the finishing touch of the whole makeup. The "dream eye shadow compact" using a unique baking powder technology, with two colors choices, is the featured product of MINI PONI. In terms of lips makeup, MINI PONI's main product is the "super cream lip fluid", whose selling point is velvet makeup effect with weightless feel and a flawless natural coverage.


MINI PONI makeup series


The MINI PONI series will be launched in August, which can be found and purchased in every MINISO store around the world. It is priced at RMB 25-29.9, which is consistent with MINISO’s principle of “high quality but low price”.


MINISO invited dozens of consumers to participate in the activity, who had the opportunity to communicate with Chinese famous cosmetician Derek Cui face to face. Derek also used the cosmetics of MINISO to put on makeup for guests and models. During the makeup tasting meeting, guests were invited to put on makeup for their friends on the stage. There were also runway shows and band performances, which turned the tasting meeting into an interesting makeup party.


Chinese famous cosmetician Derek Cui was using the MINISO cosmetics to demonstrate makeup tips.


Guests were putting on makeup for their friends.


Models were showing MINISO’s fashionable commodities.