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With Fruitful Results in the International Market, MINISO Reached Cooperation Agreement with Ireland Successfully


 On July 27, 2017, MINISO, a famous Japanese designer brand successfully signed strategic cooperation agreement with Ireland. On that very day, MINISO’s global co-founder and CEO Mr. Ye Guofu, the representatives and executives of Ireland group attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.


Mr. Ye Guofu addressed the signing ceremony centering on the cooperation between MINISO and Ireland. He believed that as Ireland is a developed country whose people are honest and friendly, and its national spending power is strong, the demands of the Irish for high quality but low-price products are increasing year by year. In the future, MINISO will devote itself to providing "high-quality, creative and low-price" products to consumers, bringing more high quality but low-price products to local consumers. Mr. Ye also indicated that the first MINISO store will be established in Ireland soon. MINISO will open more and more stores in Ireland, covering the whole country in the future.



 (Illustration: MINISO signed strategic cooperation agreement with Ireland successfully.)



Since its establishment, MINISO has been actively following the government's policy, taking “going out” as its development direction. It can be easily found that MINISO has reached strategic cooperation agreements with 56 countries and regions in merely three years after its establishment, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong (China) and Macao (China). It means that not only is MINISO popular in the developing countries in Asia, but it also develops well in many developed countries, the people of which are particular about quality life. This can also show that MINISO’s "high-quality, creative and low-price" products do win the love and recognition of global consumers.



(Illustration: MINISO reached strategic cooperation agreement with Ireland, developing bilateral retail trade.)



MINISO has its unique views and modes to create the “high-quality, creative and low-price” products. It focuses on the essential value of the products and all the products and raw materials will be undergone rigorous tests to ensure the quality. In addition, MINISO has developed the buyer system at the very beginning. Through large-scale procurement, it selects suitable and high-quality raw materials as well as originalities around the world, striving to delivering products that are safer, more appropriate and cheaper to every consumer. It is worth mentioning that, MINISO has also brought together a number of designers from Japan and northern Europe, including a team that has won the “German Red Dot Design Award”. These designers will design products that meet the demands and aesthetic values of Irish consumers according to their needs and interests.


In the future, MINISO will cooperate with Ireland and bring the brand to a new level. One is a retail dark horse with strong brand influence and design development ability; the other one is a powerful country with rich natural resources and huge market potential. Both of them will be able to achieve great success by deep cooperation.