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A Complete Success of MINISO 2017 Jeremy Lin Charity Game


On the evening of July 26, the “MINISO 2017 Jeremy Lin Charity Game” hosted by Jeremy Lin – Li Qun basketball league and exclusively sponsored by MINISO was held in Bao An Stadium in Shenzhen. The all-star basketball game assembled dozens of super stars such as Jeremy Lin, Jay Chou, Venness Wu, Godfrey Gao, Blackie Chen, Calvin Chen, Jian Ma and Biao Qiu, etc., presenting a wonderful “Black vs White” match to thousands of basketball fans.



MINISO 2017 Jeremy Lin assembled dozens of super stars



The “Black vs White” battle lit up the audience. The Black team was led by Jeremy Lin, the ethnic Chinese star of the NBA Brooklyn Basketball team, with team members including Blackie Chen, Jason Tang, Calvin Chen and Jian Ma, etc. While the White team was led by former Chinese national team member Liqun, with team members including Jay Chou, Venness Wu, Godfrey Gao and Ningjiang Zhang, etc. Both the stars team and the professional basketball team performed well in the match. As the host of the game, Jeremy Lin became aggressive in the third quarter. He hit the three-pointer seven times, showing the “Linsanity” again and scored 52 points in the game. The highly anticipated star Jay Chou played it cool and entertained fans, assisting many times for the white team. Godfrey Gao was the most unexpected player, who made the final 3-pointer in the fourth quarter (special competition system: a 3-pointer equal to 8 points for the stars team) and completed the reversal for the white team, when they were losing by one point. Finally, the White team where Jay Chow successfully made the reversal, winning against the Black team where Jeremy scored in by 136:127.




Jeremy Lin appreciated sponsor MINISO before the match began.




The fans were excited during the game. Not only could they enjoy the great competition, but they were also able to support the basketball team and stars through WeChat and Weibo. The most exciting part is the MINISO game time, during which the stars interacted with fans and gave gifts to them. Jeremy Lin threw five basketballs with his signature and a pair of shoes to the lucky fans. Many people also got the “We bare bears” toys sponsored by MINISO.



Jay Chou was defending Jeremy Lin.




Jeremy Lin was making a lay-up.




Jeremy Lin was celebrating for his goal.



The Jeremy Lin Charity Game is an all-star basketball match conveying love and happiness. Jeremy Lin, the host of the game, has been devoting himself in different kinds of charity activities since he became a member of NBA. In addition to promoting the basketball tournament, the most important thing of holding the charity game is to support China’s charity with the stars and friends. Shenzhen is the most important stop of Jeremy’s journey in China. The game was held for donating all the earnings of the game to Shenzhen Social Welfare Center and Shenzhen Riyue Social Work Service. It is worth mentioning that, in the gala dinner after the game, all the stars took their valuable items for an auction, making a contribution to the public welfare.




Jay Chou was breaking through the defense of former national basketball player Li Xin.




Godfrey was playing against Blackie Chen.




Venness Wu was playing mid-game with MINISO headset.



It is reported that the Jeremy Lin Charity Game was exclusively sponsored by the world well-known designer brand MINISO. MINISO has always upheld a brand spirit of “conveying happiness”. While providing people with high quality but low-price products, it also applies itself to delivering a happy and content lifestyle to them. By holding this charity game with the team of Jeremy Lin, MINISO wishes to bring happiness to more people.