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MINISO "Belt and Road" Global Summit Forum was Successfully Held in Guangzhou


Ways of thinking expand your horizons; development pattern determines the future. In recent years, the development of MINISO attracts global attention. From June 30 to July 1, 2017, MINISO "Belt and Road" Global Summit Forum was successfully held in Pullman Hotel (Guangzhou). More than 300 investors, consuls and partners were present at the forum. 

(MINISO global co-founder and chief designer Mr. Miyake Junya was giving a speech at the forum.)

Since 2016, MINISO has been expanding around the world at a staggering rate. By holding this forum, MINISO aims to accelerate its global expansion and open stores in more countries. It has given positive responses and extensive support to the Belt and Road Initiative, developing actively in the overseas markets. Besides, MINISO held the forum also for the purpose of recruiting partners for the agents, so that it can develop further around the world.

(Eleven countries such as the U.S., Korea, Canada, Australia have reached comprehensive strategic cooperation agreements with MINISO.)

During the forum, Mr. Miyake Junya, the global co-founder and chief designer of MINISO and Mr. Ye Guofu, the global co-founder and CEO of MINISO gave speeches respectively, centering on MINISO’s development and future planning from the perspectives of design, product, supply chain, management and global layout. Mr. Miyake Junya also signed strategic cooperation agreements with the representatives of Kosovo, Venezuela, Iraq and Papua New Guinea at the forum. The consuls of the U.S., England, Brazil and the Philippines attended the summit forum and witness the signing ceremony.

Not only is the Belt and Road a significant initiative of China, but it is also of great importance to the whole world. Mr. Ye addressed the forum that with the development of the Belt and Road Initiative, MINISO will stand firm on the strategy of “going out”, which is expected to open 10,000 stores around the world by 2019, with 100 billion sales volume in total. MINISO will establish a super ecosystem consisting of ecological supply chain and ecological marketing system, providing global consumers with quality daily necessities and stress-free shopping experience.

(Mr. Ye Guofu was introducing MINISO’s global strategy based on the Belt and Road Initiative.)

During the forum, Mr. Ye put forward the concept of “sharing retail” for the first time. “Sharing retail” optimizes and integrates the resources of channels, designers and manufacturers in the concept of sharing economy. By virtue of its advantageous brand image, capital and stores distribution, MINISO builds up a platform for sharing designer resources. It makes a request for design from excellent designers all over the world before making a decision on product design. Afterwards, it places orders with quality manufacturers to form a closed cycle of “sharing design -  sharing manufacturer - sharing channels”, so as to make full use of spare capacity, intelligent resources and retail channels, improving the operational efficiency of the whole industrial chain. Ye Guofu said that, “the concept of sharing retail can solve many problems in retail industry, helping operators break through barriers.”

Since its establishment, MINISO has made systematic planning for its international development, devoting itself to expanding to the international market and creating an international famous brand. So far, MINISO has reached strategic cooperation agreements with 54 countries and regions, covering many countries along the route of the Belt and Road Initiative. MINISO invited the representatives from 11 countries (i.e. the U.S., Canada, Korea, Thailand, Australia, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia) to give introductions of their countries’ market analysis and investment policies, so that the attendees can have a better understanding of MINISO’s development status and opportunities in the overseas markets.

As the world’s most influential country, the U.S. leads the world in its comprehensive strength and national income, with strong spending power. In recent years, as the Americans’ consumption habits are changing gradually, most of the people will spend more money on improving their living standards and entertainment, and have an increasing demand for high quality but low-price daily necessities. On April 21 this year, the first MINISO store was opened in Los Angeles, which attracted a large number of consumers for its powerful supply chain, high quality but low-price products. The excellent performance of the first store fortifies the MINISO team’s confidence, thus they made a plan to open 1000 stores throughout the United States in the future.

The Philippines is one of the member countries of ASEAN. In recent years, the Philippine's economy is growing fast, with national income increasing steadily, which facilitates the development of local retail industry. In June 2016, MINISO collaborated with SM Group, the largest retailer in the Philippines, to introduce MINISO to the country, bringing high quality but low-price daily necessities to local consumers, which becomes popular soon. With a highly expanding rate, MINISO has already opened 23 stores in the country and is expected to open 500 in the future. 

(More than 300 investors, consuls and partners were present at the forum.)

By holding this forum, MINISO collaborated with more countries along the route of the Belt and Road Initiative, which on one hand injects new vitality to the development of MINISO, and on the other hand highlights MINISO’s rapid development in the international market. According to the statistics, nearly 2,000 MINISO stores have been set up globally with an average growth rate of 80-100 stores per month. Among which, 300 stores were opened in the overseas market. It is expected that by 2019, MINISO will open 10,000 stores across the globe, with global revenue reaching RMB 100 billion. While achieving this goal, MINISO also devotes itself to contributing to the prosperity of global retail industry.

During the forum, more than 10 booths were set up for introducing the basic information of different countries and their investment policies. It aimed to promote mutual communication of partners and let the domestic retailers understand more about the overseas markets, so as to encourage them to develop in the outside world. The attendees had a great time at the forum and expressed that, by attending this forum, not only did they have the chance to explore the business model of MINISO, knowing the development situation of MINISO in the international market, but they also were able to communicate with businessmen from all over the world, having opportunities to seek cooperation with them.