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MINISO Joined the “YiTong Book House” Charity Project, Having Fun with Students on the Chinese Children’s Day


On June 1, 2017, MINISO (China) Co., Ltd. collaborated with CCAFC (China Charities Aid Foundation For Children) to build the “YiTong Book House” for two elementary schools and donate books, stationery and daily necessities to students of Qinggui elementary school and Liangcun elementary school (located in Zhouzai Town, Guangning County, Zhaoqing, Guangdong). This activity aims to satisfy students’ reading demand in rural schools which are severely lacking reading materials.

(The “YiTong Book House” project conducted by MINISO and CCAFC was introduced to Qinggui elementary school.)


(The “YiTong Book House” project conducted by MINISO and CCAFC was introduced to Liangcun elementary school.)

In the remote areas in China, most of the schools are short of books, the renewal frequency of books is low and students own very few books due to inaccessible communications and poor economic conditions. Apart from textbooks, students of these schools can hardly reach out-of-class reading materials.

This time MINISO and the CCAFC funded the Qinggui elementary school and Liangcun elementary school, which are exactly the backward schools in the mountainous areas in Guangdong Province. Currently, there are 41 students and four teachers in Qinggui elementary school, among which 28 students are “left-behind” students. On the other hand, there are 44 students and four teachers in Liangcun elementary school, among which 29 students are “left-behind” students and 10 are poverty-stricken students. 

After paying a visit to the schools beforehand, staff found that both schools were severely short of high quality out-of-class reading materials. On June 1, led by MINISO co-founder Mr. Miyake Junya, the volunteers and staff of MINISO transported a large number of books and presents to two elementary schools mentioned above.

(MINISO co-founder Mr. Miyake Junya was doing handwork with students of Qinggui elementary school.

The “YiTong Book House” project donated piles of high quality books to Qinggui elementary school and Liangcun elementary school.)


(The “YiTong Book House” project aims to provide reading materials to children in rural areas.)

A “YiTong Book House” had been built in these two schools respectively and was filled with a large number of quality books for enriching students’ reading materials. At the same time, MINISO also provided each student with a bag of notebooks, pencils, water bottles and skipping-ropes, so as to satisfy students’ demand for study and exercise.

It is reported that, the “YiTong Book House” project is one of the major projects of CCAFC, which aims to collect funds and build reading rooms for students of schools in remote and backward areas. So far, it had built 24 reading rooms and donated over 300,000 books for schools in 10 provinces in China, including inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Sinkiang, Sichuan, Henan and Hebei, etc., bringing benefits to nearly ten thousand people.

(MINISO gave bags, stationery, toys and snacks to students as their Children’s Day presents.)

MINISO has engaged in public welfare undertakings and participated in a series of social public welfare programs actively since it was established in 2013.

In July 2015, MINISO organized the Caring For Left-behind Children activity in Lianzhou, Guangdong, bringing “special scholarship” and stationery to local impoverished students. At the same time, MINISO also joined hands with Guangdong TV to organize the “Apple Book House” activity, building reading rooms for students in remote areas. In August 2015, MINISO launched the charity activity for cataract in Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, funding for cataract surgery for local people. MINISO also attended the “AiShang Project” by the end of 2016, providing daily necessities for the left-behind children in Guiping (Guangxi Province) and Nanxiong (Guangdong Province). 

Sustainable development is the key to the success of enterprises. MINISO has always stuck to the concept of “dedication and giving back to society”, and it regards attending charity activities as one of its important parts to fulfill its social responsibility. While improving itself to the utmost extent, MINISO will continue to deliver more love to the needed ones and benefit more people in the future.