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MINISO Opened Another Flagship Store in Indonesia, Discussing Expansion Plan with Local Developers


 On May 20, 2017, MINISO held the exchange meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia with the theme of “Change the World”, where it discussed the future development of retail industry with attendees from all walks of life. During the meeting, the guests also witnessed the grand opening of MINISO’s Indonesian flagship store.

It is reported that on that very day, MINISO invited the guests to attend the opening ceremony of MINISO’s new store in Artha Gading Shopping Center in Jakarta.

Located in the Kelapa Gading (the north part of Jakarta), Artha Gading is a large shopping mall and one of the most famous comprehensive shopping centers in Jakarta, which covers 27,000 square meters and was designed with the theme of the Silk Roads and the seven wonders of the world. MINISO’s Artha Gading store covers an area of 573 square meters, which is the largest MINISO store in Indonesia so far. A prayer-room is even set in the store, which shows MINISO’s care for local staff. Similar to the opening ceremony of MINISO’s former store in Indonesia, the store was packed with a large number of local consumers. People were attracted by the comfortable shopping environment and high quality but low-price products of MINISO.

After the opening ceremony of the flagship store, the “Change the World -- MINISO Exchange Meeting for Branding in Indonesia” started. As the hosts, Mr. Miyake Junya, the global co-founder and chief designer of MINISO and Mr. Ye Guofu, global co-founder and CEO of MINISO as well as the specialist of “New Retail” were present at the meeting. The partners from China and the commercial developers from Indonesia were invited to the exchange meeting and share their experience in business to promote the development of local retail industry.

The exchange meeting started by giving a speech by Mr. Miyake Junya. He shared the brand features, advantages and future plan with the guests. Mr. Miyake Junya indicated that MINISO advocates fashionable and relaxed lifestyle and directs a superior products consumption pattern. It is customer-oriented and it optimizes its products according to the requirements of market so as to satisfy the needs of consumers to the greatest extent. That is the reason why MINISO can develop rapidly. It has successfully opened stores in more than 30 countries and regions all over the world. According to statistics, there are over 2,000 MINISO stores opened across the globe, with nearly 100 stores opened every month on average. By 2020, MINISO plans to open stores globally three times as many as that of now.

Besides that, by the end of this year, MINISO will set up nearly 200 stores in Indonesia, and it is expected that there will be more than 1,000 MINISO stores opened in Indonesia three years later.

The success of this exchange meeting not only gives partners the opportunity to know more about MINISO, but also strengthens the connection between MINISO and its cooperative partners, enhancing their trust in MINISO. During the meeting, MINISO reached cooperation agreement with ten commercial real estate groups and successfully signed cooperation agreements with them.

The end of the one-day exchange meeting marks a new beginning. It will certainly help MINISO to inject greater vitality into expanding the Indonesian market even the whole Southeast Asia market. In the upcoming future, MINISO will develop to a new and higher level. It will always focus on the demand of customers and continue to expand its global footprint.