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MINISO Held Thailand Seminar for MINISO Sole Agents To Further Its Global Expansion


On March 28, Japanese fast fashion designer brand MINISO held a four-day “Change the World - 2017 Thailand Seminar for MINISO Sole Agents” in the Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. Mr. Vincent Huang, the chief director of MINISO International Operational Office and over 50 agents from all over the world attended this seminar.

(Illustration: MINISO successfully held the seminar for MINISO sole agents in Thailand. Attendees were taking a group photo.)

According to investigation, currently MINISO is consumers’ best choice for articles of daily use. In fact, when it was introduced to Guangzhou in 2013, even though the first store was set up in the pedestrian street with major consumer flow, most of the customers were taking a wait-and-see attitude. Not too many people know that the sales volume of that single day shocked the members of Mr. Ye’s team. After three years’ development, nowadays there are more than 1,000 stores opened around the world, and this number is still increasing. It has become the world’s fastest developing retail brand. How does MINISO expand to the world in such short time? And how can it be feared by some well-known retail enterprises such as Watsons and UNIQLO?

(Illustration: The agents were visiting the warehouse in Thailand by companying by MINISO staff.)

Mr. Ye Guofu has always believed that the development of a brand needs down-to-earth work. The seminar shows that this belief covers every aspect of MINISO. It is not aiming to gather agents of all the countries together and let them indulge in empty talk, because that does not coincide with MINISO’s philosophy of development.

(Illustration: Agents were invited to visit MINISO stores in Thailand, enjoying stress-free shopping environment.)

At the seminar, Vincent Huang shared his opinions with agents, including the development of MINISO, its business model and future plan, so that agents might have a better understanding to this brand. Agents also had the opportunity to visit the warehouse in Thailand by companying by MINISO staff, so as to truly experience the high-efficiency modern logistics system. Warehousing system is the most significant part of MINISO’s supply chain. After production process, all the products will be delivered directly to the warehouses around the world. It is reported that there are two purposes for MINISO to do so: on one hand, MINISO cuts down the redundant cost of the intermediate link; on the other hand, the warehousing system is beneficial to the stores to launch new products every seven days and complete goods circulation of the whole store every 21 days. If the warehousing system is described as the brand’s “rear”, then the stores are the brand’s “front”. As a result, agents were invited to visit the MINISO stores in Thailand to enjoy the stress-free shopping environment firsthand. They could have a close contact with consumers and realize the true feelings of them. In fact, understanding the demand of consumers by stores tour is a tradition of MINISO. Ye Guofu, the co-founder and CEO of MINISO may visit stores to know more about consumers’ consuming behaviors and feedbacks whenever he can since MINISO was introduced in China. The well-known “consumer facial expression index theory” was put forward by him at that time.

(Illustration: The store clerk of MINISO was communicating with agents. Thoughtful services were acclaimed.)

Vincent Huang also indicated at the seminar that this year, MINISO will establish subsidiary corporations in Indonesia, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt and India respectively, making a step forward to its global expansion. Based on its development momentum, the number of MINISO stores will be doubled and the sales volume will be six times as much as now by 2020.

Apart from basic business training, exchange of information and the Q&A session are also major parts of the seminar. The attendees were divided into a few study groups to exchange industry information and business insight.

With the rapid development of FMGG (fast moving consumer goods) industry, the successful hosting of Thailand Seminar for MINISO Sole Agents makes the agents have a better understanding to MINISO. After four-day interaction, mutual understanding has been improved for future cooperation.