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MINISO Made Another Step Forward To Its Development Of Globalization, Signing Cooperation Agreement With Ukraine



On March 13, 2017, the Japanese fast fashion designer brand MINISO took another step forward to its global expansion, signing comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with the representative of Ukraine. Mr. Miyake Junya, the global co-founder and chief designer of MINISO, Mr. Ye Guofu, global co-founder and CEO of MINISO, Mr. Li Minxin, the Vice President of MINISO Asian-Pacific together with Mr. Liu Min, the representative of Ukraine were present at the signing ceremony to witness this special moment.

(Illustration: MINISO took another step forward to its development of globalization, signing cooperation agreement with Ukraine.)

Mr. Miyake Junya expressed his gratitude to the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainians at the beginning of the signing ceremony. Afterwards, he addressed the ceremony, indicating that MINISO will adhere to the principle of “relieving the younger generation’s shopping stress and making more consumers happy”, respecting the demand of consumers, focusing on product experience and providing creative and high quality but low-price products, thoughtful services and first-rate shopping experience to consumers. At the same time, it will also insist on the brand proposition of “coming back to nature, and reverting to the essence of products”. MINISO advocates a genuine life style without vanity, and it helps the masses to build a sound and quality life style.

(Illustration: Miyake Junya appeared at the signing ceremony; MINISO reached strategic cooperation agreement with Ukraine.)

As the advocate of quality products consumption, MINISO is popular with consumers all over the world for its “high-quality, creative and low-price” products since its establishment. It has opened more than 1,800 stores around the globe in three years. In 2016, MINISO developed rapidly and reached nearly USD 1.5 billion global sales volume. After developing in the Japanese and Chinese markets comprehensive, MINISO continues to expand to the international market, and has signed strategic cooperation agreements with over 40 countries and regions such as Canada, the U.S., England, Dubai, Russia and Australia, opening stores in Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa, North America and South America. Signing agreement with Ukraine shows MINISO supports the “Belt and Road Initiative” actively, and is a significant move for this brand to develop in the European market. By cooperating with Ukraine, MINISO will consolidate its stance on the international market and keep on promoting the development of local retail industry.

Located in the east of Europe, Ukraine is the intersection of EU, CIS and the geopolitical regions of Russia, which is of great importance. It has been one of the most significant markets in the world, which is called “the European Granary”. However, in recent years, Ukraine has undergone substantial economic negative growth. In 2015, according to the Ukraine National Bank, the growing rate of GDP of Ukraine was -11.6%. While it improved last year, with a growing rate of 1.8%. Currently, Ukraine longs for restoring its economic growth. MINISO reached strategic cooperation agreement with Ukraine successfully helps to promote the development of local economy. Mr. Miyake Junya also indicated that MINISO would establish long-term cooperation relations with Ukraine in terms of retail industry. As a vital part of future development in the European market, Ukraine is set to be a strategic stronghold by MINISO. MINISO will open more stores in Ukraine, and attracts consumers by the “best product design”, “higher cost performance” and “great shopping experience”.

(Illustration: MINISO signed the cooperation agreement with Ukraine successfully, seeking development with Ukraine in retail industry.)

Signing agreement with Ukraine shows MINISO’s determination to develop in the European market. With its constant development of globalization, MINISO will develop in more countries and regions in the future. It plans to establish subsidiary companies in many more countries this year, including Germany, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt and India. It is expected that by 2020, there will be more than 6,000 stores opened around the world, providing consumers with products of higher cost performance, and bringing happiness and stress-free shopping experience to them.