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MINISO Appeared on the International Stage with New Products, Being Favored by Consumers


From 10 to 14 February, 2017, the Ambiente 2017, which was hosted by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, was successfully held in Messe Frankfurt, Germany. Ambiente 2017 revealed four themes of the world’s consumption trends: natural inspiration, texture, childhood fantasy and modern elegance, which lead the trends of the consumer markets of next season. The exciting content of the exhibition were highly expected by some industry insiders and international buyers. Numerous international top brands were invited to the Ambiente, including Zwilling, the German brand initiates the concept of “modern kitchen”, WMF, the German high-end kitchenware brand, Korean renowned brand Lock & Lock and Japanese fast fashion designer brand MINISO.

(Illustration: MINISO was invited to the Ambiente 2017.)

Ambiente is the world’s largest and most influential international trade fair for consumer goods. It not only is a communication center for contract business, but also is an ideal platform for exhibitors to meet new clients and leads the brands develop to the world. According to statistics, there were more than 4,000 exhibitors from over 90 countries and regions invited to Ambiente, with over 140,000 professional buyers attending. The brands invited to the Ambiente are a reflection of their social status. MINISO’s appearance at Ambiente not only showed it is favored by consumers all over the world, but also highlights its social status in the international market.

As MINISO advocates fashionable and relaxed lifestyle and directs a superior products consumption pattern, it is popular with customers since its establishment in 2013. According to related statistics, MINISO has reached strategic cooperation agreements with more than 40 countries and regions including the U.S., Canada, Australia, Dubai and Korea, opening over 1,800 stores around the globe, with an expanding rate of 80-100 stores opened monthly. In 2016, MINISO’s global revenue approached USD 1.5 billion.

(Illustration: A large number of suppliers and professional buyers were attracted by MINISO.)

MINISO appeared at the Ambiente with plenty of high quality and creative new products, including HI-FI metal earphones, multi-function speaker, stainless steel tableware, ultra-light preservation boxes and other living supplies. With the “high-quality, creative and low-price” products, MINISO was warmly welcomed by visitors at the fair and highly praised by exhibitors of other countries. Not only were the products favored by consumers and exhibitors, but the design philosophy of “simple, natural and quality” was also widely admired. The inner design of the booth shares the same design philosophy of the brand, which is simple but of high quality. It not only stayed close to the theme of Ambiente, which is “natural inspiration and modern elegance” but also made every visitor feel calm and relaxed.

(Illustration: MINISO appeared at the Ambiente with plenty of high quality and creative new products.)

“Simple, natural and quality” is the design philosophy that Miyake Junya, the global co-founder and chief designer of MINISO has always persisted in. Inspired by minimalism, Miyake Junya believes that the design should “come back to nature, and revert to the essence of products”. As a result, the design team he leads has always insisted on the concept of “life” and “home”, who designs and develops the products according to the idea of “natural life”. He wishes to lead the consumers to build a sound consumption outlook through the simple but lively aesthetics of design while meeting consumers’ pursuit of quality and high-end design. The design philosophy of Miyake Junya not only shares the same concept with the theme of the Ambiente, but it will also lead the trend of future consumption.

(Illustration: The booth of MINISO was “simple and natural”, sharing the same concept with the theme of the Ambiente.)

Some “old friends” of MINISO, such as the world’s top tableware supplier Jiacheng Groups also gathered at the Ambiente, with many international top class suppliers. On one hand, MINISO had the opportunity to negotiate with such suppliers through the Ambiente, by which they are able to join hands to provide more products of high quality but low-price to consumers; on the other hand, as MINISO aims at reaching the peak of retail industry, the Ambiente has great influence in the international market which helps to improve the brand’s international competitiveness. The director of MINISO expressed that MINISO will establish subsidiary corporations in Germany, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt and India in 2017. It helps the brand to develop further in the international market and it is promising to complete opening 6,000 stores all over the world with over USD 9 billion revenue by 2020.