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MINISO Established in Ximending, with Fast Fashion Sweeping Across Taipei


On January 1, 2017, the first day of the new year, Taipei Ximending was bustling for the appearance of super idol Chen Yiru. Chen Yiru was attracted by the Japanese fast fashion designer brand MINISO and appeared in No. 45 Emei Street, the most prosperous business district in the western area of Taipei, giving his support and congratulations to the opening of MINISO flagship store in Taipei Ximending. Apart from Chen Yiru, Mr. Miyake Junya, the global co-founder and chief designer of MINISO, Mr. Ye Guofu, global co-founder and CEO of MINISO together with Xu Hangjia, the representative of MINISO Taiwan were present at the opening ceremony.

(Illustration: Super idol Chen Yiru appeared at the opening ceremony of MINISO, cutting ribbon for the opening.)

The opening ceremony started by a special Japanese Taiko performance. After that, Mr. Miyake Junya addressed the opening ceremony, expressing that MINISO sticks to the philosophy of “simple, natural and quality” and advocates “"simplicity and going back to the essence”, which has been widely accepted by consumers around the world. The establishment in Taiwan is a desire to share the charm of fast fashion to more consumers.Except super idol Chen Yiru, a few famous Internet celebrities of Taiwan were also present at the opening ceremony, such as Jie Ge, Xia Qing and Hu Hu. As soon as the MINISO store was opened for business, it was crowded by customers. Chen Yiru told the media that the well designed U-shaped pillow with memory function is his favourite at MINISO, which can protect cervical vertebra and is of great use to actors who often fly to different places. On the other hand, those beautiful Internet celebrities were attracted by the Hello Kitty makeup series which collaborates with Sanrio of Japan. While they were trying the makeup, they also praised the quality of them.

(Illustration: Super idol Chen Yiru appeared at the opening ceremony of MINISO in Taipei Ximending, taking photos with fans.)

When noticing the unbelievable low prices labeled on thousands of products, most of the customers selected and put the products into their baskets without too much hesitation. Products such as eyeliners, hand cream and blue tooth earphones were out of stock soon after the store was opened for business. The well trained clerks were busy to replenish the goods and maintain order by controlling the customer numbers.Creative and fashion, high quality but low-price are the “magic weapons” for MINISO to become popular around the world. The settlement this time was like throwing a pebble in the still water, which stirs up a violent storm and roaring waves inTaiwan. It not only brings high quality but low-price products to consumers in Taiwan, but people there can also enjoy the stress-free shopping at MINISO. MINISO was like a breeze of fashion which puffed across Taiwan and makes it keep pace with the fast fashion of the world.

(Illustration: The first day of MINISO’s flagship store opened for business, the store is warmly welcomed in Taiwan.)

Mr. Ye Guofu indicated in the interview that, there is no secret in MINISO’s success. What makes it successful is that it always stays true to its initial determination. Only by insisting on presenting high quality, creative and low-price products, “freeing younger generation’s shopping stress” and making more consumers experience the stress-free shopping can the brand survive in the increasingly severe market competition and develop better and better.The popular scene of the flagship store in Taiwan is merely the epitome of prosperity of MINISO around the world. In December 2016, MINISO has opened stores in Mexico, Russia, Georgia and Kazakhstan, which are popular and received warm welcomes by local government and consumers. Currently, MINISO has signed strategic cooperation agreements with over 40 countries and regions, opening more than 1,800 stores all over the world, which has become the most rapidly expanding real retail brand in the world, and it is expected to open 6,000 stores around the world by 2020.