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MINISO Was Established in Mexico, Expanding Across Latin America


On December 16, 2016, MINISO, a Japanese fast fashion designer brand opened two flagship stores in Mexico, located in Multi Plaza Aragon 1 Store and Gallerias Coapa Mall Store respectively. Mr. Miyake Junya, the global co-founder and chief designer of MINISO, Eduardo Tishman, representative of Mexico and Vanessa Hoppenkotten, top model and famous TV host of Mexico were present at the opening ceremony.

(Illustration: Two MINISO flagship stores were opened in Mexico, Mr. Miyake Junya was taking a group photo with guests.)

When the retail industry is going downhill generally, MINISO reverses the situation and develops at an exceptional fast pace. It opens more than 1,400 stores around the world within three years, and its sales volume exceeded USD 750 million in 2015, which is expected to reach USD 1.5 billion by the end of 2016. MINISO has been regarded as “the world’s fiercest competitor” by MUJI, UNIQLO and Watsons. Currently, MINISO has been the most rapidly expanding retail brand in the world, opening 80 to 100 stores worldwide monthly on average. The opening in Mexico this time is a sign of MINISO to expand across the Americas.

On December 14, the day just before the opening, MINISO held a grand cocktail party in Mexico and the representatives of both sides as well as local political and business dignitaries were invited to celebrate the opening of two MINISO flagship stores. They extended their best wishes to MINISO’s development in Mexico and hoped that with MINISO’s establishment, the win-win situation could be achieved by both sides.At the opening ceremony on December 16, Mr. Miyake Junya, the global co-founder and chief designer of MINISO addressed the ceremony on behalf of MINISO. At the beginning of the speech, Mr. Miyake Junya expressed his gratitude to the partner of Mexico, and talked about MINISO’s philosophy of “back to the essence, getting rid of showiness and returning to the nature”. After that, he illustrated MINISO’s development and its development strategy in the future. Mr. Miyake Junya indicated that MINISO is aiming at providing high quality but low-price products and comfortable shopping environment as well as bringing happiness to consumers all over the world.

(Illustration: MINISO opened two flagship stores in Mexico. its high quality but low-price products are popular around the Mexicans.)

Located in the southern half of North America and bordered to the north by the United States, Mexico is called the “Land Bridge” which joins the continents of North and South America. Mexico is a major economy in Latin America, and one of the members of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Area). In recent years, Mexico’s national economy, which depends mainly on agriculture, develops rapidly due to its large population. However, a developed industrial system has not been established in Mexico yet, for which the great market demand for light industrial products especially the high quality fast moving consumer goods can not be satisfied under such circumstances. The opening in Mexico can fill the gap between supply and demand, so that the urgent demand for the high quality but low-price products of the Mexicans can be fully satisfied. At the same time, Mexico is rich at mineral resources. As one of the material bases of MINISO, the cooperation of both sides can not only promote the economic development of Mexico, but also apply the high quality mineral resources to products, providing fine products with good materials to consumers around the world.

It is said that after cooperating with Canada and the U.S, Mexico is the final destination for MINISO to expand in the North America, and the first stop to develop in Latin America. With the successful experience in Mexico, MINISO will further develop in Latin America in the future. We hope that the “happiness of shopping” can be conveyed to many more countries and people’s shopping stress can be relieved to the utmost extent, so that people of Latin America can truly experience the high quality products and comfortable shopping environment of MINISO.