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The “Retail Dark Horse” MINISO Expands to Israel, Penetrating the Market of The Middle East


 On December 11, 2016, MINISO, the fast fashion designer brand made a step forward to its global expansion, signing strategic cooperation agreement with the retail giant of Israel at the investment conference in Singapore. Once again, MINISO embarks on a shopping spree in the Middle East after it entered in the countries and regions such as Georgia, the UAE and Turkey.MINISO satisfies people’s shopping demands, relieves consumers’ shopping stress and injects new vitality to global retail industry with its high quality but low-price products, unique business models and unprecedented shopping experience, constructing a new pattern in the retail industry, which is called “new retail, MINISO”.

(Illustration: MINISO held investment conference in Singapore, signing strategic cooperation agreement with Israel.)

At the investment conference, Mr. Miyake Junya, the global co-founder and chief designer of MINISO, Mr. Ye Guofu, global co-founder of MINISO, Mr. Nir Yakobov, president of Mazuli group, a powerful retailer in Israel and Mr. Gonen Choen, vice-president of Mazuli group were present. It is said that, MINISO has opened stores in five continents within three years since its establishment. The “simple, natural and quality” design philosophy gains popularity among consumers around the world.

Mr. Ye Guofu addressed the conference that the brand new retail model of MINISO aims to deliver the high quality but low-price products to people all over the world, relieving people’s shopping stress and bringing happiness to them. The cooperation with Israel is not only a desire for MINISO to provide the unprecedented shopping experience to local consumers, but people from Israel also hope that with MINISO’s high quality but low-price products and unique operation model, local retail industry can be injected new vitality and develop to the largest extent.

(Illustration: MINISO was signing the strategic cooperation agreement with the representative of Israel Mazuli Group.)

The technology, education, telecommunications and biotechnology engineering of Israel are far ahead of many other countries, for which Israel is called the world’s “Second Silicon Valley”. However, due to its relatively small national territorial area and desert climate, Israel is short of mineral resources and its supply for fashionable commodities are unbalanced, thus the shopping demands of local consumers can not be fully satisfied. The establishment of MINISO can improve such circumstances 

exactly. Over 3000 kinds of commodities can not only meet people’s demands for fashionable goods, but the thoughtful services and comfortable shopping environment provide different shopping experience to local people and foreign tourists. Those products priced at between RMB10 to 29 also relieve residents’ shopping stress.

Mr. Nir Yakobov, president of Mazuli Group expressed that it was his honour to cooperate with MINISO, the fast fashion designer brand. He hoped that with MINISO’s establishment, the sluggish general merchandise industry in Israel can be improved, so that the Israelis’ urge demands for light industrial products can be satisfied.

(Illustration:Mr. Nir Yakobov, president of Israel Mazuli Group addressed the conference.)

MINISO’s joining hands with the retail giant of Israel is a win-win situation for both sides. One one hand, local residents may enjoy the excellent shopping experience at MINISO, and easily access to the fast fashion commodities without shopping stress; on the other hand, with the advanced technology of Israel, MINISO is able to broaden its business of technological products. In addition, the developed market economy of Israel is another chance for MINISO to enlarge its international influence. The marketing director of MINISO said that the first Israel MINISO store is coming soon. MINISO plans to open 150 stores in Israel, bringing stress-free shopping experience and happiness to over 8.6 million Israelis.

(Illustration: Representatives of MINISO was taking a group photo with representatives of Israel Mazuli Group.)

Since its establishment, MINISO has adhered to the principle of “consumer first”. It may adjust product supply according to different cultures of different regions, so that demands of consumers across the globe can be satisfied to the maximum extent. This is the reason why MINISO can develop at such high pace and be popular around the world. Currently, MINISO has been established in more than 40 countries and regions, such as Canada, the U.S, Australia, Russia and Singapore, and signed strategic cooperation agreements with a number of top business partners. It will develop further in many more countries in the future, endeavoring to deliver happiness to customers throughout the world, so that consumers can truly experience the joyfulness by the stress-free shopping at MINISO.