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MINISO Was Invited to the 2016 Cosmoprof Asia, High-quality Cosmetics Are Widely Accepted


 On November 16, 2016, the 20th Cosmoprof Asia Pacific hosted by BolognaFiere Group and UBM Asia was held as planned. The exhibition was held in the mode of “1 FAIR 2 VENUES”. It presented the materials and devices in the process of producing cosmetics as well as the finished products to audience. More than 2,700 exhibitors were invited to the exhibition of 98,000 squares meters. Over 60 thousand visitors from 25 countries attended the exhibition during those days. The exhibition was called the largest and most influential one in history. The strong appeal of the Cosmoprof exhibition attracted a large number of excellent brands to join, such as Shiseido, Amore, L'Oreal and Caudalie. The world-famous Japanese fast fashion designer brand MINISO also appeared at the exhibition with many popular products.

(Illustration: MINISO traveled to Hong Kong, attending the 2016 Cosmoprof Asia Pacific.)

The Cosmoprof Asia Pacific is the focus of international beauty industry, which is of great meaning in promoting the development of this industry. Not only was the exhibition of great influential, but it also innovated boldly. The Asian pavilion set mini award ceremonies for six prizes, including “the most innovative cosmetic product” and “the most innovative skin care product”. At the exhibition hall in HKTDC, there were three theme exhibition areas: the Extra Ordinary Gallery, Discover Trends and Emerging Beauty. They provided an excellent communication opportunity for merchants with direct and special platform. As a fast fashion brand, MINISO shows its strength, positive word of mouth and preeminent influence in the cosmetic industry by being invited by this most influential exhibition around Asia.

(Illustration: MINISO was invited to the 2016 Cosmoprof Asia Pacific, endearing to visitors.)

MINISO always sticks to the principle of freeing consumers’ shopping stress and bringing happiness to them. In order to let more consumers buy desirable and high-quality cosmetics or skin care products, MINISO is picky about choosing suppliers. It not only chooses the top suppliers in different industries, but also sends people for field visits to factories, never letting go any detail and stage in production. The cosmetic giant Intercos Group, which is the designated supplier of Dior and Chanel, and Givaudan, the world’s top 5 essence company are MINISO’s long-term partners. In addition, MINISO upgrades and transforms cosmetics and skin care products constantly, and launches new products one by one, which are widely recognized by people all over the world. Besides that, supporting by its unique supply chain, MINISO controls the prices of products between USD 1.5 and 4.5, which successfully presents high quality but low-price products to consumers.

(Illustration: MINISO attended the 2016 Cosmoprof Asia Pacific, presenting high quality cosmetics to consumers.)

Many exhibitors closely located with each other at the exhibition hall, while MINISO was as simple as it always be, but attracting a large number of visitors stopping by. The white wall brightened the pavilion, creating a cozy atmosphere, and the soft light reflected off the products, so that they look like works of art, both delicate and wonderful. From its overall style to product design, MINISO always insists on the design philosophy of “simple, nature and quality”, simple yet sophisticated. The design of MINISO is refreshing in the design field, which shows a life attitude of back to the nature.

Hong Kong is at the cutting edge of fashion, and a hub of global innovative culture. MINISO wishes to have comprehensive communication and exploration in more areas, and to increase brand influence in the international market by attending the Cosmoprof Asia Pacific. Besides that, MINISO hopes to convey a consumption concept of cozy, happy and independent to more people, making them experience the happiness while in shopping. Currently, more than 1,400 stores have been opened around the world, developing in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania. It will develop further in many more countries in the future, endeavoring to deliver happiness to customers throughout the world, so that consumers can truly experience the joyfulness by shopping at MINISO.