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Australian Government Pays High Attention to the Opening of MINISO, Leaders of Australia Appeared in Person


Japanese fast fashion designer brand MINISO has been established in Australia, opening stores in Bondi Junction and Westfield Hurstville on October 28, 2016. On that day, Mr. Ye Guofu, global co-founder of MINISO, Mr. Miyake Junya, global co-founder and chief designer of MINISO, Mr. Ye Yongjian, representative of Australia, Ms. Deng Xiaoying, former mayor of Kogarah City, Mr. Wang Guozhong, Senator of NSW, Mr. Chen Xiong of 2CR (Chinese Radio), Ms. Cai Meiting, champion of Miss Chinese International 2015, Ms. Song Jiemei, champion of Miss Chinese Australia 2016 and Mr. Huang Zongrong, general manager of Sing Tao Daily were present for the opening ceremony.

(Illustration: MINISO established in Australia with high profile. Customers were crowded at both stores.)

Miss Chinese 2016 Song Jiemei dressed up for the opening ceremony. She said that “I have been paying close attention to MINISO, and I am a big fan of this brand. The simple and natural design impresses me a lot. Both the perfume and the Hello Kitty series are my favourite. Not only is the design cute, but also the products’ quality is as good as some famous brands. Besides that, the products priced at less than USD 15 also surprise me a lot.”

Miss Song Jiemei’s appearance attracted consumers’ attentions and the Taiko performance highlighted the event. The store was packed with residents, which shows the excellent brand appeal of MINISO. The number of customers was more than expected. The store controlled the visitor numbers at the beginning of its formal operation so as to provide consumers with a good shopping environment.

(Illustration: MINISO opened in Australia, Miss Chinese 2016 supported in person.)

It is reported that more than 40 international retail giants operate business in Australia, among which more than half are headquartered in the U.S. However, whether the foreign retail giants or local retail enterprises, the generally high prices of those enterprises are opposed to consumers’ tightening consumption budget resulted from the shrinking employment market in Australia. In addition, according to the latest announcement of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), although local economy is growing 

steadily, many retail stores are using intelligent machines replacing manual labor, which does decrease labor cost but cannot satisfy people’s shopping needs and desire for quality shopping environment. Besides that, retail industry is going downhill resulted from being impacted by e-commerce. The retail industry is becoming worse, which poses significant risks to the development of local economy, while MINISO, which has simple and natural shopping environment, thoughtful services, high quality but low-price products and fashionable design style, can improve this situation. MINISO’s unique operation model not only brings diverse operation philosophy to local retail industry, but also makes local people feel the happiness by quality shopping experience.

(Illustration: MINISO opened in Australia, endearing to local customers.)

The Australian government attached great importance to the opening of MINISO. Not only were the Senator Wang Guozhong and a few leaders present for the opening ceremony, but also Mr. Huang Zongrong, general manager of Sing Tao Daily, the most influential daily paper in Europe and America also appeared and gave his fully support. The leader of Australia also expressed that he has kept an eye on the development of MINISO. He appreciates the operation model and design concept of the brand and wishes the cooperation with Australia can boost development of local retail industry.

MINISO is famous for high quality but low-price products. Since its establishment, MINISO has always adhering to the idea of “making more consumers experience the happiness of shopping”. It opens more than 1,400 stores around the world within three years, and signed strategic cooperation agreements with 40 countries and regions. In 2015, MINISO’s global revenue reached USD 750 million. At its early stage, MINISO has been popular across the globe and many of its products are always out of stock. It is regarded as the fiercest competitor by some well-known enterprises such as Watsons, UNIQLO. MINISO brings significant impact to the traditional retail industry.

(Illustration: MINISO has been established in Australia, political and business dignitaries supported in person.)

Currently, MINISO opens stores in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania, developing at a fast pace around the world. MINISO is popular throughout the globe, which shows that its unique operation model and concept have been widely accepted by the whole world. The opening in Australia is a desire to promote development of local retail industry. They will work together to improve the unreasonable management state of traditional retail industry and stimulate development of retail industry in the 

international market. It will develop further in many more countries in the future, endeavoring to deliver happiness to customers throughout the world, so that consumers can truly experience the joyfulness by shopping at MINISO.