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MINISO Established in the Buddhist Shrine Nepal with Happiness


On October 1, 2016, MINISO, a Japanese fast fashion designer brand has opened its first flagship store in the Buddhist shrine Nepal, taking a step forward to its global expansion. The opening ceremony of MINISO Nepal flagship store attracted a large number of local people and foreign tourists stopping by. Mr. Miyake Junya, the global co-founder and chief designer of MINISO, Anand Kumar and RungtaAasharamTandukar, representatives of Nepal were present for the opening ceremony, working together to promote the development of local retail industry.

(Illustration: The first day of MINISO’s flagship store opened for business. The store was crowded by customers.)

Shortly after the grandest Dashain Festival, MINISO opened its first flagship store in Nepal. The silence on the street was broken by the opening ceremony and the unique Taiko performances presented by MINISO. The grand opening attracted the attention of many local people and foreign tourists. The MINISO store was surrounded by residents and foreign tourists, and the street where MINISO locates at was crowded by consumers. The Nepalese’s demand for the products has far surpassed the brand’s expectations. The store was packed with customers shortly after the store opened for half an hour. Some products were even out of stock, and a large number of customers were queuing in front of the store, for which the business street where the store is located was guarded by security guards to keep order. Many news reporters arrived at the ceremony and interviewed customers shopping at the store. One of the interviewees who finished purchasing at the store told the reporter with excitement that “I had never purchased things without hesitation like that. The products are of high quality and low-price. I filled two bags of goods unconsciously.” 

(Illustration: The chief designer of MINISO Mr. Miyake Junya was present at the press conference of MINISO’s Nepal flagship store opening ceremony.)

The opening of MINISO is of great importance. MINISO held a press conference in the 150-year-old Palace in Nepal. The local government attached great importance to it. More than a dozen big names of Nepal and a large number of news reporters were present for the press conference. The Palace was crowded by audience at that moment. At the press conference, Mr. Miyake Junya answered questions one by one, and expressed his hope about boosting local economic growth by establishing MINISO in Nepal. In the evening, MINISO held a banquet to celebrate the grand opening and discuss the future development of retail industry with the Nepalese representatives.

(Illustration: Representatives of MINISO taking group photo with leaders of Nepal at the press conference.)

The settlement of MINISO in Nepal not only serves as an example of supporting the “Belt and Road Initiative” of China, but also a best wish to promote the development of local retail industry, bringing happiness to the local people with high quality but low-price products. It is well known that Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, whose economic development is relatively slow and mainly depends on agriculture. While Nepal attracts a vast number of tourists and pilgrims every year for its reputation of “Buddhist shrine”. The rise of tourism improves the development of local economy, but the average income of local people is still at a lower level. As a result, Nepalese usually prefer economical products, and this preference perfectly matches to the products of MINISO, which are of high quality and creativity. This time, the settlement of MINISO not only promotes the economic development of Nepal, but also improves the living standards of local people, bringing happiness to their lives.

(Illustration: The grand opening of MINISO’s Nepal flagship store. The store was crowded by customers.)

Currently, MINISO has established in Australia, Mexico, America, Canada, Singapore, Dubai, and Hong Kong (China), etc., developing at a fast pace in the globe. It will develop further in many more countries in the future, planning to open 6,000 stores all over the world by 2020, with a global revenue of USD 9 billion. MINISO aims to deliver happiness to customers throughout the world, so that consumers can truly experience the joyfulness by shopping at MINISO.Due to its comfortable shopping environment, thoughtful services, and good, affordable products, MINISO has opened more than 1,400 stores all over the world within three years, covering Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania. MINISO also signed strategic cooperation agreements with 40 countries and regions, marking a significant leap for its development of globalization. In 2015, MINISO had generated USD 750 nillion in revenue, becoming the most rapidly developing and expanding retail brand in the world. The turnover of MINISO is expected to reach USD 1.5 billion by the end of the year, leading the retail industry to make new achievements.