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Customers Came to MINISO Flagship Store Mongolia Opening Ceremony


MINISO, the global fast fashion designer brand, opened its first flagship store in Mongolia on August 19, 2016. Mr. Miyake Junya, global co-founder and chief designer of MINISO, Mr. Ye Guofu, global co-founder of MINISO, and Mongol representative Tu Buqin were present at the lively ceremony and witnessed MINISO expanding onto the Eurasian Continent to promote the growth of local physical retailing industry. The presence of Miss Universe Munkhdalai Uyanga also lit up the atmosphere on the scene.

(Illustration: Miss Universe were present at the opening ceremony of the MINISO flagship store in Mongolia)

As the physicala retailing brand with the fastest global expansion speed in recent years, MINISO has been targeting at the international market since its establishment in 2013 and has opened 1400 stores in less than three years across the globe, including Singapore, Dubai of the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Malaysia, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong in China, etc.. With a strong momentum of internationalization, MINISO has signed strategic cooperation agreements with 36 countries and regions. It is reported that MINIO signed the agreement with Mongolia last June and opened the first flagship store in merely two months, conveying its determination to expand the Asia-Pacific markets and exploittap the potential of global markets. 

Mongolia, with animal husbandry and mining industry as its economic pillars and is confined to unfavorable geographical conditions, has in recent years suffered much from unstable economy in recent years, increaseing in the prices of commodities. Despite of the gradually stabilizing economy after its accessionentry into WTO, the retailing industry of in Mongolia does not prosper and daily necessities are imported from the outside world, which inevitably raises the prices of commodities. Mongols are faced withunder heavy pressures from great demands for such commodities. MINISO aAs the global fast fashion micro-store brand, MINISO would help to improve such consumption patterns in Mongolia by reducing additional costs with strong and efficient supply chains, and rationally planned warehouses and logistics. With By using massive products ofwith “high quality, creativity and competitive low prices”, MINISO helps to meet the demands of Mongols, relieve their life pressures, bring them with fresh new shopping experience and make shopping joyful for Mongolsthem immerse in the pleasant shopping atmosphere.

(Illustration: Spectacular scene on the 1st day of opening the MINISO flagship store in Mongolia)

The Llively scene atmosphere and simple interior design attract local residents and foreign tourists after the beginning of the first MINISO flagship storethe  opening ceremony of the first MINISO flagship store in Mongolia on August 19. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, the store opened and customers, with curiosity, stepped in for shopping. A long queue in front of the check-out counter shortly formed withattracted more customers continually flooding in. Many customers had several baskets of commodities in their hands, which resulted in the shortage of baskets. According to data, It is reported that, the turnover within the first eight hours after the opening of this flagship store was nearly USD 11,800, conveyingshowing the fondness of the Mongols for MINISO.

(Illustration: People rushed to purchase at the opening ceremony of the MINISO flagship store in Mongolia)

Since its establishment, MINISO has since its establishment been adhering to the core philosophy of “Innovation, Cooperation and Win for All”, respecting customers, and giving top priority to “Quality Service and Innovative Thinking”. It offers newer and better marketing and operational services to customers and the whole industry, positions itself as the leader of the retailing industry, and bringsprovides quality products of quality and competitive prices to every consumer. MINISO has opened stores in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania. With remarkable achievements, MINISO is takenregarded by UNI QLO, MUJI and Watsons as a strong competitor. By 2020, MINISO will open 6000 stores in more countries with turnover standing atand is expected to surpass RMB60 billion revenue, deserving itself astruly becoming a leader in the global retailing industry.