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Super Popular Band SISTAR Excites the Launch Event of MINISO in Korea with its Presence


On August 22, 2016, Mr. Miyake Junya, the global co-founder and chief designer of MINISO, together with Mr. Ye Guofu, the global co-founder of MINISO attended the releasing ceremony of its new product “D-83B Bluetooth Speaker with Stereo Sound and Duplex Sound Track” and the opening ceremony of the first MINISO flagship store in Korea held atin the Sheraton Hotel (Seoul). This event was chairedhosted by the Korean star Weon Ki-Jun, and super popular idol band SISTAR known as “Beyonce of Korea”, capability stylepower star Park Sung-woong along with Korean representatives also showed up to witness the moment when MINISO went deep into the Asian market.

(Illustration: Korean capability style star Park Sung-woong took a group photo with MINISO employees in Korea before the opening ceremony.)

It is well-known that MINISO has opened over 1,400 stores globally over the past two years and is famed as the “dark horse” in the retailing industry. In addition to its remarkable expansion speed, the refreshing shopping environment, the products ofwith high quality and competitive prices, the excellent services and the unique designs of products also help to win global consumers. To convey happiness amongto more consumers across the globe, MINISO has opened stores in 36 countries and regions including Dubai of the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Malaysia, Canada, the U.S., Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong in China, etc.. With such development momentum, MINISO is regarded as the most strong competitor by some well-known enterprises such as UNI QLO, MUJI, and Watsons, etc..

The MINISO flagship store in Korea openscreates a win-win cooperation situation with moregreater profound strategic significance for both sides. For one thing, with the international influence of Korea, MINISO will effectively promote and enhanceits brand popularity and enhance its productspower, andas well as leading the in-depth development of the physical retailing industry in the international markets; for another, Korea as one of the Four Asian Tigers, Korea havehas enormous demands for fast consumer goods. Supported by theMINISO’s powerful retailing platform of MINISO, Korea can relieve the situation of supply falls short of demandtight market, promote local economic growth, facilitate the physical retailing industry and create a brand new retailing mode.

(Illustration: Super popular female band SISTAR showed up in the launch event and took photos with Ye Guofu, the global co-founder of MINISO.)

It is reported that the turnover from the soft operation on August 18 to formal operation on August 22 of MINISO flagship store in Korea stood athit 100 million KRW, leaving an important mark on Korea’s retailing history. On the very day of its opening, MINISO store was crowded with Koreans in a long queue, among whom were consumers attracted by the fame of MINISO. The business street where the store is located was guarded by the security forcesecurity guards to keep order, which reflected the international influence of MINISO.

MINISO has been adheringed to the principle of “giving top priority to consumers” since its establishment, with the purpose toof bringing global consumers with products of good cost performance and shopping experience. It is estimated that 720 MINISO stores will be opened in Korea by 2019 with the sales volume asreaching 1 trillion KRW. Moreover, demands for quality life among Korean consumers will be further tapped and the core competitiveness of MINISO in Korean fashion retailing market will be enhanced, thus offering Korean consumers will be offered the opportunity to experience products of “quality, creativity and competitive prices” from MINISO.

(Illustration: A 100-meter long queue was outside the MINISO flagship store in Korea shortly after its opening.)

The new product releasing event held on the same day in the Sheraton Hotel (Seoul) was presided over by the Korean star Weon Ki-Jun with the support of super idol SISTAR and the capability style star Park Seong-Woong.while the presence of the super popular band SISTAR and the handsome star power Park Sung-woong with long legs also helped brand promotion. There was also online interaction between the presider and the store during the launch event where the attendees present experienced a “store tour” guided by the presider, which highlighted the opening ceremony.