MINISO Construct A High Efficient and High Quality Ecological Supply Chain

On August 23, the annual MINISO Global Supplier Conference was held in Shangri-la hotel in Guangzhou, China. More than 1000 guests attended the event, including supplier representatives from MINISO global supply chain system, internationally renowned supply chain experts and MINISO product development and quality team.

With the theme of “Good Quality Has No Bounds, Together We Create A New World”, the conference announced MINISO's future goals and plans in the construction of global supply chain system, and deeply discussed the innovative cooperation mode with supplier partners, as well as how to empower ecological supply chain enterprises in the complex and changeable global business environment. Through flexible manufacturing, refining management and efficient coordination, the vulnerability of enterprises will be reduced and the flexibility will be enhanced.

图片1_看图王.jpg The conference was themed with “Good Quality Has No Bounds, Together We Create A New World”.

In order to reward the excellent supplier partners in the past year, the organizer also set up a grand award ceremony during the conference. Six awards were presented at the conference, including “Golden Supplier Award”, “Golden Quality Award”, “Best Quality Improvement Award”, “Joint Innovation Award”, “Best Collaboration Award” and “Best Delivery Award”. A number of suppliers who have maintained long-term and close cooperation with MINISO won the awards.

图片2_看图王.jpg Excellent suppliers of MINISO had been awarded.

In addition to the main venue, MINISO also set five sub-venues of light industry, electronic appliances, food, cosmetics and textiles, focusing on the challenges and thinking of quality management, flexible manufacturing, intelligent supply chain and popular product research and development. There were excellent supplier representatives from different fields sharing experience, Q&A session and topic discussion. After in-depth communication, the supplier partners of MINISO not only clarified the future direction of product production and product research and development, but also deepened their understanding and trust of MINISO.

Connecting 3000 enterprises to build ecological supply chain.

The main venue of 2019 MINISO Global Supplier Conference was divided into three chapters: "Creation • Plan", "Creation • Boundary" and "Creation • Cooperation".

Up to now, MINISO has entered into over 70 countries and regions worldwide, opened more than 3,900 stores and cooperated with no less than 3,000 high-quality factories worldwide, including more than 300 joint-stock factories.

图片3_看图王.jpg More than 1000 guests from MINISO ecological supply chain system attended the event.

How to achieve efficient coordination between organizations and between upstream and downstream enterprises is a problem to be solved by MINISO and all supplier partners.

Mr. Ye Guofu, MINISO’s global co-founder and CEO, said that with the MINISO ecological chain system, there would be no party A and party B. MINISO and suppliers would be close friends and comrade-in-arms. He believed that the competition for now was not between enterprises but in industry chain.

MINISO continues to select and integrate global supplier resources, and explores new cooperation modes, creating good-looking, high quality and high cost performance products.

Driven by the power of “global design + intelligent manufacturing + intelligent logistics + global chain”, the supply chain ecosystem created by MINISO will link up with 10,000 off-line retail stores in the future, covering more than 2 billion consumers. A 100 billion business ecosystem will gradually emerge.

Flexible manufacturing + refined management + efficient collaboration

With the rapid expansion of MINISO in the world, the company has become larger and larger. Whether the response speed of supply chain can be improved in the changeable market determines whether MINISO can continuously obtain competitive edges in the future competition.

"The essence of business competition is efficiency,” Mr. Ye Guofu, the global co-founder and CEO of MINISO, said at the conference. The essence of business is to create value and be rewarded, while the essence of business competition is the competition of synergy efficiency between different enterprises in the same track.

图片4_看图王.jpg Mr. Ye Guofu, the global co-founder and CEO of MINISO was delivering a keynote speech on the stage.

In the information era, any industry will be redefined, and the past business model and management model will be redefined as well. This means that organizations move from a linear and deterministic world to a non-linear and uncertain one. Flexibility will be the most prominent feature of information technology characterized by the business era.

Mr. Ye indicated that flexible manufacturing, refined management and efficiency improvement are three important points that MINISO and its supplier partners should consider. Among them, the core feature of flexible manufacturing is the capability of rapid response. On one hand, it can fully integrate providers and demanders; on the other hand, it is able to change the previous mode of placing large orders at one time into placing orders in small amount as needed, which can reduce costs and solve the inventory overstocking problem. It is like eating several small meals a day. Businesses can grow stronger and faster in that case. In addition, the ultimate goal of refined management is to improve benefit and efficiency.

图片5_看图王.jpg MINISO invited international supply chain expert David Horlock to share the topics of organizational resilience and supply chain risk.

During the chapter of “Creation•Boundary”, MINISO invited David Horlock, the international supply chain expert with over 40 years experience, to share the topics of organizational resilience and supply chain risk. From a new perspective, he said, those organizations that are resilient are forward-thinking, constantly adapting to market changes and growing themselves. As the market changes more and more rapidly and the supply chain becomes increasingly complex, there is a new definition of quality, including not only product quality, but also process quality and behavior quality, such as production process, corporate social responsibility and business ethics.

The digital revolution has made great achievements in scientific and technological retail enterprises.

With the gradual disappearance of channel dividends in the Chinese market, refined operation and international market expansion have become the general trends of the retail industry.

In order to better deal with the complex customer needs and complicated environment of international competition, MINISO is expected to develop into a comprehensive digital platform, linking supply chains, operations, finance, logistics and human resources through the analysis and decision-making of big data, refining operations and supporting the rapid expansion in the global market.

During the conference, Vincent Huang, the vice President of MINISO International Operation Center, shared the current situation and planning of overseas markets in 2019. He said that this year is the third year for MINISO to develop in the overseas market, and it has made remarkable achievements, especially after the MINISO x Marvel IP store had been opened. MINISO’s performance keep rising in overseas markets for its continuous product innovation. For the second half of the year, Latin America, Europe, Central America, North America and Asia are expected to grow to different extents.

图片6_看图王.jpg Vincent Huang, the vice president of MINISO International Operation Center was sharing the situation and planning of MINISO in 2019 in overseas markets.

"Behind the high performance is the continuous efforts and enhanced operational capacity of the teams from various countries," Huang said. Faced with overseas markets, MINISO has also made many innovations this year, including the launch of SAP system in the U.S., Indonesia and other markets, and the adoption of MDS operation mechanism, where agents can place orders according to market supply and demand.

Nowadays, the data information between the systems and the processes can be connected and opened up between different countries and the MINISO headquarters in China, so that MINISO can recognize the whole through observation of the part.

Transformation from “made in China” to “Chinese high quality manufacturing”.

The retail industry ushered in a new era of brand development, for which “made in China” has upgraded and transformed to “Chinese high quality manufacturing”. There are more and more high-quality, high-tech and highly practical brands and products in the market.

In the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta of China, there are nearly 700 ecological suppliers cooperating with MINISO. In the nearly 6 years of development, MINISO shared, created miracles and grew up with supplier partners.

As an international retail company, MINISO connects with consumer markets in more than 70 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, Australia and Japan, etc. The uncertain factors of different markets’ entry criteria, competition patterns and consumption habits set higher requirements for MINISO’s product quality.

MINISO is a product-driven enterprise, which achieved global development with its core competitiveness of “high quality and low price”. Quality is the unshakable foundation of MINISO.

In order to guarantee the product quality, MINISO formed a professional quality management team to develop a complete and strict standard of supply chain management system and cooperated with the world famous third party inspection, testing, certification and authentication institutions, including SGS, INTERTEK and CTI, to implement the quality management of suppliers and products.

图片7_看图王.jpg The participants discussed the challenges and thoughts of flexible manufacturing, quality management, intelligent supply chain, popular product research and development in the sub-venues. 

As for the supply chain, suppliers are required to improve materials, technologies, equipment and processes to meet different market challenges. Behind the visible quality is the invisible efforts. From production to sales, MINISO and supplier partners strictly control every detail of product quality.

Together with all supplier partners, MINISO creates high-quality, creative and low-price daily necessities for consumers around the world, and promotes the upgrading and transformation of China’s manufacturing industry, bringing “Chinese high quality manufacturing” to millions of families.